Our Products

Hadoop Staging Automation

Recently there is lots of enthusiasm about Hadoop and Big Data and many companies quickly adopted them recognizing the huge benefits of infinite scalability and low operation costs. It didn`t take long till the new Big Data systems started to replace the classic RDBMS, only to find out that problems solved long ago will have to be considered as new in the Big Data environment. Addressing this issues we have created a meta-data based data staging automation, that takes the best of our DataVault automation design, while simplifying the modeling and historical management.

Data Vault Load Automation

Being one of the most robust and flexible data models, the Data Vault is gaining lots of popularity within the BI community. However its complexity, lack of clear definitions and use patterns can easily turn the implementation into a nightmare. This product focuses on ease of deployment, traceability and auto-recovery, while maintaining all the natural benefits of the model.